Mickey Bagley

AOTM April 2020 – Personal Training and Group Training Athlete
1) Before joining CFRL what was your biggest struggle?  

My biggest struggle was staying consistent. I would get after it for a few weeks in a row, begin noticing results, and then life or any other litany of excuses would present themselves and throw me off track. What were your biggest frustrations? The frustration was watching myself gain weight and lose focus and confidence as a result of straying from an active path. 

2) How did your struggle and frustrations affect your life? What did you feel like before joining CFRL?

The frustration affected all aspects of my existence. I would become more irritable than normal knowing that I wasn’t taking an active role in changing myself. I was less patient with everyone in my life.  

I felt as if I owed it to myself to land in a space where accountability reigned. I had been a member of larger gyms, “budget” gyms and even have my own equipment, but was lacking the mental ability to sustain a program.

3) What was it about CFRL that made you join? 

An ankle injury. While rehabbing my ankle I met Jon Diaz, a trainer at CFRL, and he convinced me to work with him on a one-on-one basis within the CFRL space. I was intimidated at the thought of belonging to a CrossFit gym because I knew a few people who had injured themselves, but Charly and the rest of the staff and members at CFRL made me feel completely comfortable from moment one. They made me feel as if I could accomplish my goals as long as I was willing to change my mindset and commit to myself. 

4) What made you stay with us? 

Results. Jon put together a program for me that helped me lose weight, become stronger and more importantly feel athletic again. What do you enjoy the most about CFRL? The family atmosphere. Everyone in the space wants each other to succeed, and check in to make sure we are physically and mentally prepared to move to the next level together. That kind of commitment is non-existent at a membership-driven gym, which only cares if your monthly dues are paid. 

5) How did our program help you? 

It woke up a part of me that had been dormant for quite some time. I was a competitive athlete in high school and college and had not been surrounded by many like-minded people since that time. You are who you surround yourself with. With CFRL, we are surrounded with a group of athletes pushing for greatness. It’s addictive. How is Life different for you now? Simply put, I feel better about life because of the work that we are putting in. I have found peace where chaos used to thrive.

6) Were there any specific goals that you reached that you are particularly proud of? How did it make you feel? 

I’m proud of the fact that I agreed to complete a Spartan Sprint, something I had heard about but never found a reason to commit. I ran the race with the CFRL crew before being a member, and they all treated me as if I was part of the family.

I was so thrilled to be able to complete one race that we signed up to complete the last two legs of the Trifecta within a few months of each other. I went from ankle surgery on February 1, 2019 to Trifecta Tribe member on December 7, 2019. That would have been impossible without the guidance and support of the CFRL community.

7) What would you tell someone interested in joining CFRL? 

COMMIT. Write the check or lay out the credit card. Even if it’s for a 10-pack of classes to try it out. Once you are inside these walls you will find something within yourself that surprises you and inspires you to see how much more there is to be discovered. 

8) Is there anything personal you would like to add? 

I’m grateful to be involved with such a fabulous group of men and women and look forward to being back in the gym reaching for greater heights alongside them.

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