Arun Abraham

1) Before joining CFRL what was your biggest struggle? What were your biggest frustrations?

As a Healthcare professional and a father to two young kids, efficient time management has been a key aspect of my life. Before joining CFRL, I tried many gyms and training programs, but I would not find it exciting or rewarding enough to continue for more than a month. A constant factor that made me quite frustrated with the average gym was coming up with a program that was challenging and exciting at the same time. Though I would get some results because of the hard work that I would commit to those memberships and programs, I would not be able to scale these results up for a longer period of time.

2) How did your struggle and frustrations affect your life? What did you feel like before joining CFRL?

Though I had an active lifestyle, I always found it hard to create and work with a structured program on my own. The cost of average gym memberships and the lack of desired results, made going to the gym a chore that took away the limited time I had with my family and almost always seemed like a bad investment of my resources.

3) What was it about CFRL that made you join?

My moment of epiphany happened last year when I had to go to a friend’s wedding and I was faced with the ole suit-button conundrum. While getting ready for the wedding ceremony, I realized that one of the buttons of my favorite suit was too tight and any fight to keep the button in place would have likely resulted in it flying off at the most inopportune moment. After searching for a real solution to my gym problem, I came across information on Crossfit and was intrigued by it. However, when I saw the great results that my friend had achieved with Crossfit on social media, I made up my mind to commit myself to CF as well. Once I had committed to the thought of joining a CF program, I jumped at the chance to join the box with the highest ratings in Rockland County. I remember a lot of people used the words “friendliest gym” in their reviews.

4) What made you stay with us? What did you enjoy the most about CFRL?

After just the first few classes, I was totally exhausted, but I didn’t feel like I was burnt out by this program. It didn’t take long for me to feel that there was something different about the CFRL program. The sense of community shared with my fellow CFRL athletes and the exciting programs kept me coming back for more.

5) How did our program help you? How is life different for you now?

Though I always worked hard at the previous programs, this was the first time when the happiness of obtaining the desired results from hard work was overshadowed by the joy of committing to the 4 to 5 day routines with the usual evening crew. Not only was the training challenging, but the CFRL family of instructors and fellow athletes, made getting in shape an exhilarating process.

6) Were there any specific goals that you reached that you are particularly proud of? How did it make you feel?

Though getting into that old suit with ease was something that I desired, what I really wanted was to get in shape while having fun. Though I would go back home exhausted from the workout sessions, I found myself looking forward to these workouts the next day. In just seven months, I feel like I am able to become more mobile, stronger and I have a lot of energy throughout the day. Though I used to think of workouts as something that took away time from my family and friends, now I feel like I have more time to be there with them as I don’t feel like being lazy when I am at home.

7) What would you tell someone interested in joining CFRL?

In just seven months I have come to love CFRL because of its intensive workouts and the great community that is always welcoming to its new members. I joined CFRL to get in shape with a doubtful mind and gained so much more than just a way to get fit. This is a new lifestyle that has been deeply engraved in me now and the hour that I spend here, allows me to be there 100% in whatever I do for the rest of the day. CF is something that can be tailored to people at all levels of physical abilities. With enough hard work and mental fortitude even CrossFit games won’t be out of reach!

8) Is there anything personal that you would like to add?

Join, commit and live your best life!

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