Helpful Tips To Stay Fit During The Holidays

The holidays can be a tough time to maintain fitness, so here are some tips to stay in shape through New Years!

It’s easy to get sucked into a busy holiday schedule full of traveling, planning, shopping, parties, and seemingly endless temptation toward baked goods and other sweet treats. As much as this is what everyone loves about the holidays, it’s important to remember how easy it can be to throw a monkey wrench into your fitness and workout routines around Christmas and New Years.

The holidays are easily the toughest time to maintain fitness goals and stay committed to workout plans, and it’s never the best time of year to start any weight loss goals.

But there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t enjoy yourself during the holidays and still do your best to maintain your health. Below are some helpful holiday fitness tips to keep in mind this year!

Focusing On Maintaining Your Weight, As Opposed To Losing Weight

Trying your best to reign in any bad eating habits during the holidays can give you a head start on your New Year’s resolutions. It’s no secret how the holidays are a tough time to lose weight, so it’s often a better strategy to aim toward maintaining your existing weight this time of year.

Consider more protein and veggies while you’re moderately indulging in holiday treats this year!

Eating A Snack Prior To Leaving For Holiday Parties

Everyone loves holiday parties, but these get-togethers don’t tend to provide the healthiest menus. Consider eating a snack or lean protein at home before you depart for holiday parties, because this can go a long way to help you curb any cravings and avoid overindulging.

Keeping Track Of What You Eat

Trying to guesstimate the nutritional value of your holiday party meals and indulgences can be a recipe for failure, and getting basic nutritional information about your favorite snacks and meals is a great strategy to more easily control your portions.

There are many different nutritional apps out there that can help you when it comes to keeping track of what you eat on a daily basis, and basic self-monitoring can go a long way during the holidays. The biggest thing that you’ll likely see is just how quickly unhealthy foods can add up!

Drinking Alcohol In Moderation

Drinking and being merry is a common part of the holiday season, and it’s easy to forget about how much sugar and calories are packed into fancy holiday cocktails. This is particularly the case with one holiday favorite: eggnog.

Just one cup of alcoholic eggnog will equal over 400 calories, which is a lot for just one drink! Although we think you should enjoy yourself this time of year, it’s important to simply be mindful about how much alcohol you drink.

Don’t Forget About Hydration

Another effective fitness strategy for the holidays is remembering to drink water before eating any snacks or meals, because this is an easy way to help you maintain your weight. And as many of us know all too well, it’s important to help yourself as much as you can during the holidays!

Staying hydrated is particularly important when you’re drinking alcohol, because it can help you prevent hangover symptoms and maintain moderation.

Establish Fitness Goals, Make A Schedule, And Stick To Your Plans

You shouldn’t put off your fitness goals for after New Years, because sticking with your fitness routine during the holidays can help you burn extra calories and build up your endurance and strength—even after a few holiday treats.

Working out is also a great way to alleviate stress during the holidays, but we all know how added obligations and reduced daylight hours can make it a little easier to blow off exercise.

Our advice is to write down your holiday fitness goals so there’s a concrete blueprint somewhere in your home where you’ll see it on a daily basis. These fitness goals should include in-depth details about your daily schedule, and how you’ll fit exercise into your routine.

You may need to switch up the time of day that you work out this time of year, so try to keep yourself flexible and focused!

Enjoy The Holiday Splendor By Walking Outside

Simply walking a mile or two per day can be a great complement to your workouts, and you can actually burn more calories by walking during colder weather than you can during the spring months.

Walking outside is also known for:

  • Boosting immunity
  • Improving mood
  • Relieving stress
  • Improving sleep
  • Encouraging balanced blood sugar
  • Improving cardiovascular health

Try to avoid escalators and elevators and taking the stairs when you have the opportunity to do so, and you can even consider parking further away from store entrances just to get some extra walking in as well.

Exploring your neighborhood or vacation destination can also be a fun way to get your steps in and enjoy the holiday splendor!

Consider A Holiday-Themed Work Or Run

One of the best things you can do for your fitness goals is sign up for a 5K event, because this will keep you motivated in terms of training—and it also feels great to donate to charity!

And just remember that you don’t have to run in these holiday-themed events. Even just walking a 5K can be a great exercise after holiday celebrations.

Reach Out To Rising Legends When You Need Help Staying Fit This Holiday Season!

Rising Legends is a leading fitness facility in Valley Cottage, NY, and our team of personal trainers and workout specialists are here to help you maintain your goals during this holiday season.

We look forward to seeing you in the gym, and Merry Christmas to you and your entire family from ours!

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